Summary of Services

1. Individual Account Set-Up

2. Cord Blood Solutions Healthcare Provider Support:

  • As a Physician-Inspired company, Cord Blood Solutions offers professional education and resources to train and/or assist your healthcare provider(s) and birthing facility on the best collection method(s) that yield the highest quality and highest volume umbilical cord blood sample.

3. Collection Kit with CBS Unique Identifier Number:

  • Each collection kit is custom labeled in seven different areas with this UNIQUE number to ensure privacy and verification of your important sample.

4. Collection Kit Transport:

  • All fees associated with shipping are included in your initial sign-up costs.
  • Cord Blood Solutions coordinates the pick-up and delivery of your Umbilical Cord Blood Sample by using asecure, chain-of-custody medical courier.

5. Cord Blood Solutions testing includes:

  • Maternal Blood Sample is tested for: HBc, HCV, NAT, HBsAg, CMV, HIV 1& 2, HTLV, HIV-NAT, RPR, Antibody screen.
  • Umbilical Cord Blood Sample is tested for: Total nucleated cell count, Total mono-nucleated cells, Bacterial and Fungal cultures, NAT, ABO/Rh Typing, CD34+ Pre- and Post-processing cell viability count.

6. Processing of Umbilical Cord Blood Sample:

  • The Lab processes the Umbilical Cord Blood Sample in a manner to achieve ‘Maximum Yield’ and to determine cell sterility, viability, and volume.

7. Cryogenic Storage/Preservation:

  • Upon successful completion of the testing process, your sample is then stored in state-of-the-art freezers containing liquid nitrogen. These freezers are temperature controlled, and continuously monitored by technicians, as well as an independent monitoring company for verification.
  • Electrical and battery back-up systems are also in place to allow the lab’s freezers to continue operating uninterrupted in the event of a power outage.

8. Preservation Completion Process:

  • A Cord Blood Solutions “Certificate of Preservation” and a copy of the “Lab Results” will be sent for your records upon successful preservation of your sample.