Mission Statement

Cord Blood Solutions, is a Physician-Inspired company, with the purpose of providing expectant parents/families with the highest quality medical resource regarding the harvesting (collecting) and processing (storing) of their baby’s umbilical cord blood stem cells. It is the goal of our Physician founder, Alan Einstein, to provide parents with the a medical resource to accurately answer questions regarding the concepts and collection procedures involved with cord blood, as well as to give parents a secure and trusted environment to store these precious cells. Cord blood stem cells have already ‘treated’ or ‘cured’ many diseases. However, the only chance to collect your child’s cord blood stem cells is at the delivery of your child. Currently, stem cells from the umbilical cord have already “treated” or “cured” many diseases,

  • leukemias
  • sickle cell disease
  • and the future possibilities appear plentiful

Furthermore, these umbilical cord blood stem cells are not solely useful for the donor baby, rather they have been used successfully for siblings and parents of that child as well.   As the science and technology advanced to the point of actual clinical benefit, Dr. Einstein founded Cord Blood Solutions, a physician-inspired company, to provide the highest quality medical resource(s) for expectant parents, and to  ensure the highest medical standard for harvesting(collecting) and preserving(storing) their baby’s umbilical cord blood.  Since a family has only one chance to collect these precious cells, during delivery, we make every attempt to educate your delivering medical professional(s) on the processes and procedures that yield the best sample as possible.